Stay Home

I have so much to say about this, but you know what. Just let this sink in. This country is falling apart. It does not surprise me that we aren’t capable of controlling this. We would rather argue politics and have pride and greed control things. Clearly that is not working. Priorities are all wrong. Makes me sick and very sad. To those with open minds & hearts. Those who pray for peace and those who practice humanity and compassion. Those who put others first by staying home¬†when you can. You are the hope this country needs. Shame on people for not taking this more seriously. Please remember you can be a carrier without symptoms. Nobody is immune and nobody is invincible. There is a lot of wrong going on in this country right now. It’s so simple! I know it sucks staying home other than essential. But it’s a small sacrifice compared to the lives that could be lost. Do you want to stay in forever? Are you not thrilled to see the earth healing itself? The quicker we work together and beat this, the quicker we can go back to our lives. Also, can we please re-prioritize what is essential? People are putting their lives and really others, including their own families by continuing to serve you. Do them a favor and don’t make it a habit of going out to eat too often. Only go out when you need. The take out only thing is a little out of control. I feel like it is giving people a reason to go out. Going out to eat is a privilege and people are still crowding restaurants by going in to pickup their order. I just think they need a better system on distributing take out orders. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together. Underneath all the politics and religion, are people. No one person is more deserving or more right or wrong. I pray that this country finds a way to come together and take this on together and stop with the pettiness. It’s a roadblock.

Peace & Love


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