Saturday Night Rant

I’m sitting here, feeling so alone. I’ve been on a downward spiral with my depression and anxiety lately. I feel very stuck. I feel like I don’t know anyone anymore. What is bringing this on so strong? It’s a mix of things I’ve dealt with or been through over the years and my childhood. However, after some thought over the past couple of days and scrolling through social media, I have realized its a trigger. I used to get on Facebook to catch up with my dad and my close friends that I live far away from. It used to be so nice to see the pictures and cute/funny memes. It changed though. It’s mostly politics and racial profiling headlines. It’s disgusting and brings me down more than ever. I think it’s great to have diverse views, but where did the boundaries go? To hell, if you ask me. There are no more morals and there certainly is way less respect. Some days, it brings me to tears. Sometimes it makes me so angry. I’m also disappointed with myself. I have held myself back. But after years of wondering where my place was in this world, although I feel very lost. At the end of the day, I have realized that the world is harsh and I need to use my strengths and break through the bubble and be a voice for the things I care about that are important, despite what others will think and feel. I have to remind myself that what views I have are important to me and to many others, unfortuanetly, I will lose people in my life the day I begin to really express myself. I will not apologize for caring about ALL human-being’s rights, for animals and the mass production being done and all the environmental issues. Be ready to this woman to be more transparent. And a big thank you and goodbye to those who don’t love me enough to stand by my side.

To be continued…

Peace & Love

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